Hey Presto pedal your way to piano perfection

Hey Presto ! Piano Method - A fast track piano tutor for age 11 and over

I'm sure piano teachers will agree that teaching beginner or early level piano to students from ages 11,  up to and including adults, can present a challenge.  After over 20 years of teaching piano to all age ranges I created my own tutor book to help retain students of this age range.  This method is unique in that it teaches pedal use from the very first lesson and throughout the rest of the book.  At the end of the first lesson the student should be making a nice sound and after 3 lessons although on a very basic level, will play a few notes like a pro.  This piano method uses a combination of  rote and  traditional learning techniques to enable  fast track learning.

Contact Marcel Zidani the composer on www.marcelzidani.co.uk

WARNING : - This method will still require the student to practise!

The Clock Butterflies pdf
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Our Price: £3.99
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The Clock Butterflies
Award winning composition 'The Clock' is a Diploma level piece for piano
perfect for concerts and can be situated within impressionist or
romantic repertoire. It is over 5 minutes long but could be used also as
a very showy encore.  This piece is so descriptive that anyone who
listens will understand it straight away and with it's subheadings 'The
Setting, Quartz and Clockwork', means that it can be quite a talking
point in any introduction.
UK Grade 8 and Diploma Level recital piece.
This much in demand concert music forms the first movement of Marcel's 'Butterfly Suite'. This first movement 'Butterflies' is available as a single use download only. The suite contains two other movements which are available separately.
Soon available in paper back.
Your Song Brothers & Sisters
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List Price: £2.99
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Your Song Brothers & Sisters is a fun duet for pre grade 1 - grade 1 abrsm level
Your Song is perfect for grade 1 preparation or playing for enjoyment after the exam.
The melody has a popular easy listening sound which is perfect for any living room. There are jumps in both hands but the patterns are easy to manage after some practice, even for UK pre-grade 1 level. Lots of fun to be had here!
Brothers & Sisters is a fun duet for pre grade 1 - grade 1 abrsm level
Imitate the emoji emotion in the score as you play to add comedy to the performance.
A tune based on Freres Jacques with some added 'wrong notes'

Elegie for Rachmaninov Dreaming
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Our Price: £3.95
Sale Price: £3.95
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Our Price: £2.99
Sale Price: £2.99
Elegie for Rachmaninov Piano Sheet Music for Recital and Concert Level by Marcel Zidani published by www.golddustmusic.com Dreaming Piano Sheet Music
UK Grade 7 - 8
Beautifully written romantic piece for piano of grade 7 or 8 standard. This is an expressive work which also comes under our repertoire for recital and concert pieces. This would suit an exam situation or competition environment and in a recital would work nicely with a performance of Rachmaninov's Elegie.
UK grade 3 in 6/8 time.
This is very popular with children and parents too!! The hand position is carefully thought out so that it is manageable at this level and in a suitable key for this grade. There will be plenty of opportunity to work on phrasing and dynamics as well a rocking base line with a sweet cantabile melody above.