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A Moment A Sweet by Marcel Zidani Hannah
A Moment
List Price: £3.50
Our Price: £2.99
Sale Price: £2.99
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A Sweet
List Price: £3.25
Our Price: £2.99
List Price: £3.25
Our Price: £2.99
UK Grade 4 - 5
This is very much in the style of Erik Satie. A beautiful pensive theme with romantic harmonies and chord changes. A moment for contemplation and enjoyment from the 'away from the grade' series.
A Sweet - UK Grade 5
Short and sweet this beautiful piece will work well as an encore to contrast a lively recital piece or in between a selection of other works perhaps by the same composer.
Lots of nice harmony, melody and expression here.
Hannah - UK Grade 4
An expressive and romantic piece for piano of UK grade 4 level. This lovely flowing melody is accompanied by a broken chord pattern and will provide an excellent opportunity to work on melody and accompaniment playing. It's lovely melody is in a nice easy key which then moves to the left hand with broken arpeggios/chords in the right. There are some awkward corners re fingering and balance between the hands requires due care throughout. Well worth the time spent learning the notes and much enjoyment to be had here by both parent teacher and student.
Last Memories Piano Solo The People's Song
Last Memories
List Price: £2.99
Our Price: £2.99
The People's Song
List Price: £3.50
Our Price: £3.50
Sale Price: £3.50
Last Memories
Atmoshpheric Piano Solo around Grade 5 difficulty
Beautilfully written with a sense of freedom and loss
Grade 5 - 6
Sound like a Pro Pianist with this atmospheric piece of music which has an amazing build up of sound. From the 'away from the grade series' this is pure fun and a breath of fresh air. This music is easy to read as the notes are not difficult and although grade 5 to 6 level, the first few pages are well within the reach of grade 3 and 4. If you need something inspiring and want to bring back some enthusiasm then this is the piece for you. Please read the technicals tab for the difficulty level description. Duration 3'30''